How to get your SDP (With Sample Memo Template)

Want your well-deserved SDP? Please read the following:


-All designated underway FSOs are authorized SDP Level SD-3
($225 a month) to begins in FY23 01 Oct 2022 or upon reporting,
whichever is later.

-SDP commences on the date a member reports to an eligible position.

-SPOs must submit the proper Direct Access data entry to commence
SDP payment as appropriate.

-Please provide a copy of 1, 2, and 3 below to your command so
that you can start receiving your well-deserved SDP. If you have
any questions, please reach out to the Culinary Services Division,

  1. ALCOAST 359/22
  2. Correction Memo
  3. Verbiage from the Competency Dictionary

-Underway Food Service Officers (FSO) must acquire the CS-17 or
CS-18 competency code within one year of their reporting date. If
the member does not acquire the competency code (associated with
their cutter) within one year of their reporting date, SDP will be
suspended until the competency code is authorized by the CS Rating
Force Master Chief. Sample Authorization Memo.

-Competency Waiver Request Template Coming Soon

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