JOD Email Question for the RKM/RFMC (Select)

An Email I Received “It has been a while since we have met/talked, last I saw you was the NY Symposium three or four years ago. I was just reaching out in regards to developments for the JOD pracs. It was a project I was especially excited about participating in, along with one I thought was solely needed. Especially as the CS2 list becomes supplemental, I look around and see a lot of E5 and E4’s that don’t have a grasp on the paperwork, and some are able to slide through the cracks by having people around them do it for them. Is there any chance you have any news on this idea, or any recent development. I love the paperwork side of the job, and I think it is slept on a little when it comes to the RPQ’s for it just because at times FSO’s are so concerned about their third class or second class messing up the books, they don’t give them the due amount of responsibility and chance to learn it. Thanks for letting me know what you think Master Chief! I appreciate what you’re doing.”

Great email! Thanks CS1. Here is an update from CSCS Stephen Lyons C School/TRACEN and his team: “Currently, we have one unit completed for the JOD Structured On-the-Job Training (SOJT). Unit 3 CGDF Workbooks is finished and we are currently running it through a dev test with CGC BERTHOLF and CG Sector NY. Unit 2 Procurement Documents is almost finished. The goal is to get as much finished before my retirement ceremony on April 21st. We are aiming to have the course completed by June 2023 and start dev testing it. I have attached the JOD Course Map for your convenience. Let me know if you have any other questions.”

This is very exciting. Thank You C School! Sector NY (Chief Joey Antonaccio and CS Crew) and BERTHOLF (Senior Chief Ivana Ford CWO Matt Wernicke and CS crew).

In regards to the Supplemental list and quick CS2 Advancements Issues We are due for a 2023 RPQs Rating Review/Operational Analysis Not only are we changing the RPQs, we will also be looking at how we can require Chiefs at FINCEN/SPL/C School to sign select RPQs to ensure CS2s are ready for the next step.

Thanks again for this great email CS1!

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