Message From A-School ****JOD and C-STAR Courses

Below is a great email update about all the projects A-School is working on.

Summary: A-School student #s, Jack of The Dust Course, ACF Accreditation, FSO-PVA/FSO-PI Updates and Sanitation Training – thanks for all the name ideas the winner is C-Star**** Sanitation Training Annual Refresher. The Runner-up was GRITs (Who can figure out the acronym?) from Chief Sonata Haley. Congratulations on the upcoming retirements for CSCS Knesek and CSCS Lyons you will be missed and congratulations to all the position changes the A-School is in great hands!

The Email:

We wanted to provide a quick update on the status of projects and initiatives from the CS Schoolhouse as we begin moving into a busy transfer season.

CS A School:

  • 06-23 graduated last Friday with 9 active duty and 2 international students.
  • We have 07-23 (11), 08-23 (5), and 09-23 (6) on deck.
  • 10-23 is slated for 10 students and 11-23 is slated for 4 students.
  • We are tracking 1 potential agile A school student for 12-23.
  • Current FY23 graduates: 50
  • Projected FY23 graduates: 86-96
  • We are building out and will be routing a new Curriculum Outline to correct minor errors and increasing maximum student size to 18 per class.
  • The Upper Galley renovation was completed in the beginning of March.
  • Working with CSCS Fuchs on ACF accreditation initiatives.

CS C School:

  • Successful completion of Dev Test during March 6-22 class.
  • Pilot scheduled for April 3-19 class.
  • Project is on schedule.
  • FSO-PI
  • Successful completion of Dev Test during January 30-Februarary 17 class.
  • Pilot scheduled for June 5-23 class.
  • Project is on schedule.
  • Jack-of-the-dust OJT
  • 5 participants in dev test 1, phenomenal feedback.
  • Dev test 2 started 28 Feb with 12 students and is ongoing.
  • Pilot scheduled for June – September with at least 17 students.
  • Project is slightly ahead of schedule.
  • C-STAR
  • Project is moving along smoothly.
  • Link to SharePoint site:
  • Link to test LMS for knowledge checks:
  • Please me let us know if you have questions or concerns about the project.


  • CSCS Deaver will transition to the Assistant School Chief position once CSCS Shelton arrives from DC in July
  • CSCS Knesek retires 20 April.
  • CSCS Lyons retires 21 April.
  • LCDR Tatara is taking over as the Performance Systems Division Chief position here at TRACEN Petaluma April 14. He will be dual hatted until the arrival of the new division officer, LT Angel Brosowsky, in late July. The good news is he will continue to be the project manager for all CS projects.

Please let either of us know if you have any questions or concerns. We continue to develop the best culinary apprentices.


LCDR Mark Tatara & CSCM Kevin Ball

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