Message From Product Line. SPL WMEC Equipment Status Survey Check your Emails!

A separate Email stating “Galleys cannot be reconfigured with non-standard equipment either” was sent out recently. I felt it was insensitive to cooks. During my travels, I find most everything on Cutter Galleys is bought through a non-standard process. Broken equipment is a retention/recruiting disaster now that our new members have blended retirements and nonrates have to be at units four months before going to “A” School. They will look at the shape of our galleys and sign up for any “A” School but CS.

The good thing is the newly expanded Product Line and The CS Facilities and Equipment Branch Chief CSC Michael Sukohl (Ryan) are on it. Please provide them with the information they are requesting so we can work efficiently within SFLC standardized processes.


The CS Facilities and Equipmant Branch Chief CSC Michael Sukohl (Ryan) Sends:

Good morning FSOs,

We are contacting each of you to obtain some critical information on the status of your CGDF equipment. The goal is to compile the data we receive from you regarding your galley equipment to facilitate a productive meeting with MECPL. Our request is an urgent one, as SPL would like to have this meeting with MECPL within the next two weeks. We have attached an Excel spreadsheet for all of you to utilize, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill it in. This information is necessary to provide a list of modern equipment for the WMEC fleet that meets fit, form, and function. The below list is an example of equipment that we need to know the condition of, but if you have something that isn’t on the list, please add it to the spreadsheet (Large Standardized Equipment only Please) . In the comments section of the spreadsheet, please include any/all information on equipment you have put in CASREPs/DISCREPs for, as well as any attempted repairs that your unit has tried to make on its own or through tech services.

1. Conventional Ovens
2. Convection Ovens
3. Ranges
4. Dishwashers/Sanitizers
5. Steam Tables
6. Fryers
7. Braising Pans/ Tilt Skillets
8. Griddles
9. Kettles
10. Reach-in Refrigerators
11. Reach-in Freezers
12. Walk-in Refrigerators
13. Walk-in Freezers
14. Steamers

Thank you all in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Very Respectfully,
CSC Michael Sukohl
Subsistence Product Line
CS Facilities & Equipment Branch Chief


For me, whoever sent “Galleys cannot be reconfigured with non-standard equipment either” is basically saying we can’t have new equipment. We are the lowest priority when it comes to everything. The only way we get equipment is through fall-out funds, leftovers, falling crumbs, and giving the CO a cookie for an oven. We are not the Aviation community… we are the opposite,  we rarely get support from our commands/EOs.

We just want to cook. Begging, lying, and cheating for equipment is how we roll, and standardizing us prevents us from doing this.

I’m happy to see Subsistence Product Line and Chief Sukohl on it.

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