ALCOAST 109/23
SSIC 1524
A. National Defense Authorization Act of 2023
B. Performance, Training and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10C
1. This ALCOAST lists the anticipated AY24 Training Allowance Billet
(TAB) allocations for military, non-senior service school, and
academic programs in support of Coast Guard advanced education
requirements. Congress has not released Coast Guard appropriations
for FY24. Accordingly, this ALCOAST anticipates TAB allocations
based on FORCECOM projections from previous Coast Guard allocations
in FY22 and FY23. Anticipated AY24 TAB allocations in this ALCOAST
remain subject to modification by FORCECOM. Per REFs (A) and (B),
FORCECOM anticipates allocating 172 TABs for AY24.
2. The following alphabetical list identifies undergraduate and
graduate programs of study, program managers, and anticipated number
of AY24 TAB allocations:
****EDIT****All Non Culinary Programs Deleted
Culinary Management (E): CS RFMC, DCMS-DPR-1 2
    a. These TABs are open to enlisted E-7 and above and officers
who will compete in the same candidate pool. Reference OPM
solicitation ALCGPSC for complete eligibility requirements.
    b. These TABS will be filled by enlisted members first. If
there are insufficient enlisted applicants, the selection panel may
pull from officer pool of candidates. This is a commissioning
program for enlisted selectees.
    c. This is a commissioning program for the enlisted workforce.
Program details and application deadlines will be sent SEPCOR by OPM
and COMDT (CG-1121).
    d. Designated for Physician Assistants with a minimum of 1-year
of clinical practice to work at Regions Hospital developing a
specialty in psychiatric care. Contact COMDT (CG-1121) POC for
additional details.
3. OPM-1 will publish a comprehensive PG Shopping List for all TABs
designated for officers or will result in a commission. Enlisted
candidates interested in the CGA Instructor TABs should comport to
OPM-1 guidance and deadlines. This Excel document can be found on
the OPM-1 PG/Adv Ed sharepoint site:
Post Grad – Advanced Education Panels ( EPM-1
will publish a separate kickoff message for enlisted programs at a
later date. Programs will not be releasing individual solicitation
messages, with few exceptions such as Law, IPAP, and OLMSTED. The
SEFP solicitation ALCOAST will be released by PSC-OPM. All the
information normally contained in the solicitation messages is
contained in the PG Shopping List Excel document. Industry trainings
will be solicited in separate messages.
4. Per REF (B), candidates will incur a service obligation in
addition to any previously obligated service.
5. Summary:
    a. Total number of programs requesting TABs: 73
    b. Number of TABs awarded or requested: (172/285 – 60%)
    c. Officer TABs: 132, Enlisted TABs: 28,
Enlisted/Officer TABs: 12
6. Panel Members:
CDR Jennifer Wescott FORCECOM
CDR Kevin Deustachio DCMS-DPR-1
LCDR Kurt Walker CG-8
MCPO Jerry Wolf DCO CMC Delegate
MCPO Michael Brewer DCMS CMC Delegate
Teresa Marshall DCO-52
7. Out Year Expectations: Fiscal stewardship in Advanced Education
requires participation from all stakeholders. FORCECOM relies on our
customers to do their part to reduce the total appropriated cost of
an Advanced Education opportunity. As an informed partner in the
Advanced Education Program, FORCECOM is required to operate the
program at the level to which it is funded. Starting in FY20,
tighter fiscal controls were enacted, making a higher-cost school
waiver the exception vice the norm. No program can ever be
guaranteed an Advanced Education Training Allowance Billet (AdvEd
TAB) or set of TABs, however, cost-reduction measures will make your
program more competitive during the annual AdvEd TAB Panel and
waiver process. Additional guidance will be communicated to programs
SEPCOR outlining a strategic way forward to continue to meet the
demands for an educated workforce, while accounting for the
inflationary nature of Advanced Education opportunities.
8. Direct questions to Ms. Audra Evans, Advanced Education Program
Manager, at (757) 628-4876 or
9. On behalf of RDML Michael W. (Joe) Raymond, Commanding Officer,
Force Readiness Command, Captain Adrian L. West, Force Readiness
Command, Chief of Staff (FC-C), sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.

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