NO Emails? Message From RKM/RFMC (Select)

The last email I sent to the CS Petty Officers had 338 cooks on it. This means over 500 cooks do not receive these bang list emails (these numbers do not include E7 and above). Right now, anyone whose title is not their rating (CS3, CSC, CSCS etc…) is NOT getting emails sent VIA distribution group (HQS-DG-ALL-CS1 for example).

THERE IS A FIX… each member must update their title (it changes every time someone transfers/advances ect. and there is not an enterprise easy “create some code” fix to this.)

Please make sure you and your people have their title updated in MilConnect. Look them up on global and check to see if their title says: CS3, CS2, CS1, CSC and so on….

The Fix (takes only a few minutes):
2. Click “CONTINUE” under ‘My Profile’ box all the way to the right.
3. Click “CAC”
4. Click “Login”
5. Select your “Authentication” certificate, click “OK” a bunch of times
6. Click the “MIL” tab to the right of the “Personal” Tab
7. Under “Job Title” updated your title to your rating Examples: CSCM, CS3, CSC, etc…
8. Scroll down and click “Submit”

With the transition to sharepoint from portal this is the only official means of communication currently for our members to receive information from AOs, CS Program, CS RFMC, FINCEN, CPL, etc.

Go here for the new CS Portal/Sharepoint:

Thanks for your help with this!

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