Portal is a DEAD man walking. Message from the RKM/RFMC (Select)

In the next few months, Portal is going away and being replaced with SharePoint. We have everything backed up on a hard drive and transferred over to SharePoint at https://uscg.sharepoint-mil.us/sites/erats_spo/CS/SitePages/Home.aspx. We have high hopes for SharePoint but it is not up to par currently in regards to accessibility/communication/messaging/useful search capabilities. It will be fine for an official location to house all CS rating knowledge/material and we will work on cleaning it up to make it more user-friendly (the old portal is still accessible for a few months as well). As far as CS communications, we will use other resources (emails and this webpage) until SharePoint is fully functional. 

NO Emails?? If you or your people are not receiving emails please go here for the fix: https://coastguardculinary.com/2023/01/10/no-emails-message-from-rfmc-select/

Thanks all!

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