ALCOAST 403/22
A. Military Bonus and Incentive Programs, COMDTINST 7220.2A
B. 37 U.S.C. – Pay and Allowances of the Uniformed Services
C. Performance, Training and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10C
D. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST
E. Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1F
1.This ALCOAST announces the results of the Military Workforce
Planning Team (MWPT) monetary enlisted interventions. The MWPT
convened in May 2022 to develop and recommend workforce policy
interventions. Specifically, this ALCOAST authorizes Enlistment
Bonuses (EB), Critical Skills Training Bonuses (CSTB), Critical
Skills Retention Bonuses (CSRB), and Selective Reenlistment
Bonuses (SRB), which are authorized pursuant to REF (A) and REF
2.The policy interventions are applicable to Enlisted Active Duty
Members and Reserve Members under Extended Active Duty (EAD)
orders. The bonus offerings in this ALCOAST are for FY23
(beginning 01 Oct 2022) and are anticipated to remain in effect
until the end of FY23 (30 Sep 2023) contingent upon Congress
extending the authority to make payments. Monetary interventions
may be adjusted or terminated not less than 30 days in advance
by announcement via ALCOAST. Authorized FY22 interventions
terminate on 30 Sep 2022.
3.ENLISTMENT BONUS (EB). Pursuant to Section 331 of REF (B), an EB
is authorized for new recruits enlisting in the Coast Guard for
the first time. Each EB is mutually exclusive and cannot be
combined with any other EB.
a. Guaranteed A School Enlistment Bonus (GA-EB). A GA-EB is
authorized for new recruits, for their first career
enlistment, that sign an agreement to attend one of the
following critical rating Class A Schools immediately upon
graduation from boot camp. Prior service applicants are not
authorized a GA-EB. Applicants agree to enlist and
satisfactorily complete a minimum of four years of Active Duty
Service Commitment (ADSC) and abide by all requirements and
eligibility qualifications of REF (A) and Section 331 of REF
(B) to earn a GA-EB entitlement. (ALL NON CS INFORMTAION REMOVED)
(5) Culinary Specialist (CS):
(a) A $50,000 EB is authorized for CS applicants with a
qualifying culinary degree to enlist as an E-3.
i. A qualifying culinary degree is defined as an
Associate of Arts (AA) or Bachelor of Arts (BA)
degree in culinary arts from an accredited academic
or culinary institution.
ii. The culinary degree must be verified by the CS
Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC).
iii. CS members who acquire a culinary degree after
completion of CS Class A-School and members in the
Regular Coast Guard who acquire or hold a culinary
degree are ineligible.
(b) A $45,000 EB is authorized for CS applicants with a
qualifying culinary certificate to enlist as an E-3.
i. A qualifying culinary certificate is defined as a
culinary arts certification from an institution
accredited by the American Culinary Federation.
ii. The culinary certificate must be verified by the
iii. CS members who acquire a culinary certificate
after completion of CS Class A-School and members in the
Regular Coast Guard who acquire or hold a culinary
certificate are ineligible.
(c) A $40,000 EB is authorized for CS applicants without a
degree or certificate to enlist.
current active duty enlisted personnel who agree to attend and
complete Class A-Schools below in subparagraphs (b) – (e), or in
the BM Rating Apprenticeship Program (RAP), and agree to extend
their enlistment upon graduation to meet obligated service IAW
REF (C).
a. General eligibility requirements:
(1) All CSTBs incur a four (4) year Active Duty Service
Commitment (ADSC) from date of Class A-School graduation,
advancement to pay grade E-4 through the BM RAP, or
receipt of designator, whichever is later. Applicable
contract extensions must be executed upon graduation of
Class A-School, advancement to E-4 through BM-RAP, or
receipt of designator to meet the minimum obligated
service requirement;
(2) Members must abide by all requirements and eligibility
qualifications IAW REF (A);
(3) Members may not receive a CSTB if they have signed a
contract (annex) to receive a GA-EB for the same rate;
(4) Members who qualify for a CSTB, but received an EB, will
receive the computed difference between the CSTB and EB;
(5) Members must continuously meet all performance and conduct
standards including additional reenlistment criteria as
outlined in REF (D). Members who are eligible to extend
are eligible to receive a CSTB; and
(6) Members must apply for the bonus by completing and
submitting the Bonus Agreement listed in Paragraph 7.a.(2)
b. A $40,000 CSTB is authorized for CS Class A-School.
a. An SRB may not be paid for the same period of service in which
an EB CSTB, or CSRB is paid.
b. Members meeting the criteria in Chapter 2.F of REF (A), are
eligible for an SRB.
c. Members must continuously meet all performance and conduct
standards, including additional reenlistment criteria, as
outlined in REF (D). Members who are eligible to reenlist are
eligible to receive an SRB.
d. All members must reenlist to qualify for an SRB; members
extending their contracts are not authorized to receive SRBs.
IAW Chapter 2.F. of REF (A), members may only receive one SRB
per zone during their careers.
e. This message waives Chapter 2.F.4.(a) and 2.F.4.(b) of REF (A)
for FY23 and authorizes members who enlist into the Regular
Coast Guard under the Open Rate List (ORL) an SRB in the
following rates and paygrades exclusively: BM2, CS3, and CS2.
f. Members must satisfactorily complete the term of their SRB
contract in the rating for which they received the SRB.
Members who fail to do so will be subject to unearned bonus
repayment per REF (A).
g. No waivers will be given for members exceeding TIS
requirements for the applicable zone.
h. SRBs are paid in one lump sum payment, but are earned,
prorated and computed based on a member’s applicable amount of
newly obligated service months. (ALL NON CS INFORMTAION REMOVED)
j. SRB Amounts CS:
(1) A $30,000 Zone A SRB is authorized for CS members in
paygrades E-4 through E-6 who reenlist for an additional six (6)
years of active duty service obligation.
(2) A $30,000 Zone B SRB is authorized for CS members in the
Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) who enlist into the Regular
Coast Guard under the ORL. Members are eligible for a
bonus if:
(a) They are in paygrades E4 through E5; and
(b) They reenlist for four (4) years of active service
k. Once all necessary SRB actions have been completed, SPO
requests for SRB payment must be submitted to PPC via a
Customer Care Trouble Ticket. Include member’s applicable SRB
Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307 and PPC’s “USCG SRB
ELIGIBILITY CHECKLIST.” Also attach, as applicable, PCS
orders, EPM-1 Approval Memos, and COMDT (CG-1331) waivers if
a. BONUS AGREEMENTS: The only approved Bonus Agreements to be
used per this ALCOAST are as follows:
(1) EB: CG Form 7220 (series) (revised on Jun 2022 or later).
(2) CSTB:CG Form 7220D (revised on Aug 2022 or later),
“Critical Skills Training Bonus.”
(3) CSTB BM RAP: CG Form 5305G (revised on Sep 2022 or later),
“Enlistment Bonus: Boatswain Mate Rating Apprenticeship
(4) CSRB: CG Form 5305J (revised on Sep 2022 or later),
“Critical Skills Retention Bonus.”
(5) Bonus Agreements can found on the COMDT (CG-612)
Directives and Publications, CG Authorized Forms Portal
site at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

b. Members must be fully vaccinated, or have an approved
religious accommodation or medical exemption from vaccination
against COVID-19, in accordance with ALCOAST 270/22, prior to
payment of a bonus. Commanding Officers must verify
vaccination status prior to submitting documentation to the
P&A/SPO for payment processing.
c. A bonus paid to a member who had an approved religious
accommodation or medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccination
mandate is subject to repayment where that member fails to
become fully vaccinated within two months after the expiration
of the religious accommodation or medical exemption.
d. Members must maintain physical and medical standards for
continuous retention IAW REF (E).
e. Members considering appointment to the warrant or officer
corps may still enlist, re-enlist, or extend their contract in
one of the above mentioned ratings without electing to receive
a bonus.
f. The Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) receives a high volume of
bonus questions and submissions. Unanswered questions must be
routed through the member’s SPO before engaging PPC. Payments
may take up to two (2) months from the date a member’s SPO has
submitted a trouble ticket to PPC. Refrain from contacting PPC
about a bonus until two (2) months have elapsed from a trouble
ticket’s submission date. If it is not known whether a ticket
has been submitted, designated yeoman should contact PPC
Customer Care for investigation. If no ticket is active,
submit a trouble ticket with appropriate bonus documentation.
g. COs and OICs are reminded that all members who agree to
obligate service and are within the FY of their end of
enlistment, or within the FY of their six (6) and ten (10)
year active duty anniversary date will: (1) be counseled on
their SRB eligibility; (2) have the opportunity to read REF
(A) in its entirety; and (3) sign the appropriate
Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307, for their record.
h. Eligible members are reminded that they ultimately decide the
length of contractual obligation and actual date of reenlistment.
A reenlistment requires the member’s signature acknowledging they
have read and understood the terms of the contract and have had all
questions answered to their satisfaction.
i. Members who previously signed contracts IAW REF (C) are
prohibited from canceling their existing contract to sign a new
contract to meet the requirements of this ALCOAST.
j. Members who were counseled about their SRB eligibility and
signed an Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307, entry IAW REF
(C), but have not signed a reenlistment contract, are eligible
to receive a bonus in accordance with this message. Members
must still meet the remaining requirements of this ALCOAST and
REF (A).
k. For questions, members should contact their unit counselors
(typically the Command YN/CMC/SCPO/MCPO) well in advance of
their reenlistment or extension date. Additional sources of
information include servicing personnel officers, work-life
staff, and senior Yeoman. For questions that cannot be
answered after exhausting all of the above resources, the
designated administrative support representative for that
specific unit may contact COMDT (CG-133) at:
l. Special Assignment Considerations: Members in critical ratings
are encouraged to apply for special assignment opportunities;
PSC-EPM will work within each rating to ensure a proper
balance is achieved between special assignments and rating
8.This message will be canceled on 01 OCT 2023
9.Questions regarding MWPT policies outlined in this message or
other human resource management matters may be directed to Office
of Military Personnel Policy (CG-133) at: Questions regarding Class A-Schools
may be directed to CG PSC-EPM-2, at:
10.COs and OICs must bring the contents of this ALCOAST to the
attention of all personnel.
11.RADM B. K. Penoyer, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources
(CG-1), sends.
12.Internet release is authorized.

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