Message From the TRACEN Petaluma Training Officer

COMDT’s Intent & RW2030 efforts, we’re accelerating advancement & graduation of Culinary Specialist “A” School graduates, when their undergraduate experience & classes matches with E-4 RPQs.

CS “A” 01-23 has two students with undergraduate degrees in Culinary related sciences, with 1 of these programs certified by the ACF: SN Jean Carlo Soto Mendez & SN Lumeiry Gonzalez Rodriguez. Staff in the CS Schoolhouse evaluated their educational transcripts against E-4 RPQs, & determined these two students met all the E-4 RPQ requirements, equivalent to graduating CS “A” School. Based on total coverage of E-4 RPQ’s, I’ve designated them today as SNCS’s.

Currently, we’re comparing their education to E-5 RPQs. And are determining how we can evaluate E-5 performance while they complete their administrative requirements to effect a successful PCS transfer. As such, we’re tracking a 02 September departure from TRACEN Petaluma, working w/the CS Detailer.

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