Message to CSs from Senior Assignment Officer CWO Nick Wernicke

Good Morning Shipmates!

As Assignment Year 2022 winds down and we kick off Assignment Year 2023, we want to first say good-bye to CWO3 William “Todd” Wall. Mr. Wall was a tremendous advocate for our rate and revolutionized the Assignment Officer position, truly setting the bar! He will be missed for the leadership, communication and transparency that he brought to this job. We wish him the best of luck in his new position!

This past year we welcomed aboard two members, CSCS Nicholas Wright and CWO2 Nicholas Wernicke. Senior Chief Wright reported in November 2021 as the new Junior CS Assignment Officer. I relieved Mr. Wall this past July as the Senior CS Assignment Officer. We are both excited to be able to serve as your next assignment officers and help shape the future leaders of tomorrow. Our doors are always open for career counseling or as just an ear to listen.

On July 25th, ALCOAST 127/22 was released soliciting for the Culinary Specialist- Field Support Branch. The Culinary Program (CG-1113), Subsistence Product Line and AO’s have been fighting to get these billets back to provide some much needed support to members out in the field. If you have any questions about what these positions will be doing, please do not hesitate to reach out. E-resumes for these positions are due 1 September 2022!   

Additionally, ALCOAST 121/22 and 122/22 soliciting for Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA) were released. For members desiring a certain location or job, this is the perfect opportunity to earn that Assignment Priority 1 or 2. PATFORSWA has a lot of benefits, to include International Leave Authorization, TAX Exemptions, Overseas Cost of Living Allowance, Family Separation Allowance, Hardship Duty Pay and 30 Days Proceed time upon PCS departure! If you are on the fence or have any questions about it, please give us a call. E-resumes for these positions are due 19 October 2022!

Calling all Master Chiefs!! ALCOAST 130/22- AY23 Solicitation for Rating Force Master Chiefs was released. This is your opportunity to give back to the rating and represent the greatest rate there is as the senior subject matter expert! If you ever wanted to make changes and advocate for our rating, now is your time! E-resumes for this positions are due 19 SEP 2022.

Attached is the Assignment Year 2023 Timeline. Please take a moment to review it. If you have any questions, please let us know!

We will be setting up a Microsoft Teams meeting at the end of August/ beginning of September to introduce ourselves, go over this timeline and answer questions that anyone may have. Be on the lookout for the Teams meeting invite!

One final piece! As we move into the AY23 transfer season, please ensure that you have updated your job title in EDMS! This will ensure that you are able to get the all CS emails that are being sent out from both Program and the AO’s. Your title can be changed by accessing the EDMS link in the Pixel Dashboard, selecting milConnect, then My Profile, log in with your CAC, select the MIL tab and update your Job Title as appropriate.  It usually takes several days for the update to execute, but that should ensure that you are attached to the distribution list for all CS! Also go into Direct Access and update your phone number and email address, that way if we need to call or email you during the slating process we can reach you!

As new opportunities come available we will send out updates. Continue to reach out to Senior Chief Wright or myself if any question! We are here for you!

Thank you all for everything that you do! We look forward to having a great AY23 and talking with everyone!

Very Respectfully,

CWO2 Nicholas Wernicke

Culinary Specialist Assignment Officer

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