Message From Assignment Officer Senior Chief Nick Wright on Recruiting

I wanted to share the information I’ve learned this year through recruiting efforts. As I mentioned, I’ve been lucky enough to attend some large-scale recruiting efforts with fellow CSs and recruiters around the country, and I thought it necessary to share this info that could help get you in front of tons of perspective CSs.

First, to better help everyone understand the dire situation with personal shortages we are currently experiencing. Are rating is presently vacant at around 30% at E4; with current numbers, we are projecting to attend A-School this FY our vacancy percentage could grow to 40% at E4 by this time next year. We all come from operational backgrounds and understand what it means for our teams when they have to operate short-staffed, which most currently have to do.

Some areas we found that seem to be target rich with perspective CS recruits and Centers Of Influence have been the (PROSTART ProStart – National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation @prostartprogram ( and (SkillsUSA Front Page – @skillsusa Both these organizations work with vocational high schools and colleges to train and develop members passionate about careers in the culinary industry and many other technical fields that align with our ratings. In addition, Skills-USA and ProStart hold state-level events encouraging Industry and the Military to set up recruitment booths. We’ve already attended the nationals for both organizations and had overwhelmingly successful recruiting events.

I think an area where we have room for improvement with Coast Guard Recruiting and the new SCA as a recruiter policy (soon to publish) would be attending the state-level events these organizations hold. Growing our presence with all these Centers of Influence opens up opportunities for us to expand our workforce. If you ever need help with an event or working a booth let me know I will do my best to help support you all and your efforts. Keep up the great work we really do need CSs more than ever.

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