UPDATED #3 **** Virtual CS Assignment Officer Roadshow AND ASSIGNMENT Messaging Updates! Message from our Senior AO CWO2 Nicholas Wernicke

Good Morning Shipmates!

We are only 1 day away from the first ever Virtual CS Assignment Officer Roadshow! Please continue to spread the word so we can garner as much participation as possible! There will be a Q&A on the roadshow, but depending on how many individuals participate, we may not be able to get to everyone. If there is a question that you really want to ask, feel free to shoot it over to Senior Chief Wright or myself prior to the roadshow and we will make sure that we address it!

We are still looking for candidates for PATFORSWA. For those members who are priority 4, 5 or 6’s, this is a tremendous opportunity to earn that AP1 (AP2 for CSC Ashore) as well as take advantage of a multitude of other special incentives! If you are interested, please give me a call! E-resumes for PATFORSWA are due 03 October 2022.

This is the final week to get in your E-Resumes for ALCGENL 153/22– Off-season Solicitation Base Boston MWR and ALCGENL 127/22– Off-season Solicitation Field Support Branch. E-resumes for these solicitations are due by the end of the week!

ALCGENL 150/22 Off-season Solicitation- CGC William Sparling was released on August 19th. If you have ever wanted to be a plank owner, this is your opportunity! E-Resumes are due for this by the end of the week as well!  

ALCGENL 157/22 Off-season Solicitation- CS1 for CGC Eagle was released yesterday. If anyone has any questions about this truly remarkable platform please give me a call! E-resumes for this position are due 14 September 2022.

Senior Chief Wright and I are looking forward to hosting the roadshow! As always, if anyone has any questions, concerns or just needs to talk to someone we are here for you!

Have a great week everyone!

Very Respectfully,

CWO2 Nicholas Wernicke

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