ALCGENL 109/23
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. ALCGENL 010/23
C. ALCGENL 042/23
1.PSC-EPM-2 is soliciting for candidates to fill Food Service Officer E-6 positions
under the AY23 A2P Beta Test per ref (C). The list of positions is on
the CS Assignment Officers’ Teams Page and Sharepoint site.
a. Teams page link below:

b. Sharepoint site link below:

2.Report date OOA 01 SEP 2023.
3.Interested candidates shall submit one PCS E-Resume in Direct Access NLT COB
31 MAY 2023.
4.Candidates must meet the criteria in ref (C) to apply. If a qualified member
is selected, the member will advance to E-6 on the December 2023 EPAA,
if all other advancement requirements are met and the advancement
recommendation is maintained.
5.As a reminder, candidates should ensure their Official Military Personnel
File (OMPF) is complete and accurate (e.g. CG-4082, CG-3307s, awards,
academic transcripts). Members can view their OMPF by logging onto iPERMS: https
:// If updates to the OMPF
are needed, members can work with their local Personnel & Admin office.
6.Commands shall address any backfill requirements and specify a
required reporting date. Commands should be advised that immediate
backfills are not always available and requirements for one will
be factored into candidate selection.
7.POC: CWO2 Nicholas J Wernicke at Nicholas.J.Wernicke(at),
8.Released by: CDR Michael Deal, 202-795-6576.
9.Internet release authorized.

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