Message from C-School – Update on JOD Course

Culinary Operators,

Here is an Update from C-School on the new Jack of the Dust Course. Please check out and provide feedback on the course recipe conversion tool:

One thing we saw was if you put in a unit type like ounces and you go over 16 ounces, it doesn’t convert to pounds. Other than that it works great! Send your feedback to CSCS Stephen Lyons on global. Great work C School! Can’t wait for this much needed course Later this year.

JOD Update:

“The civilian designer for the JOD SOJT, Lori Mannel, created the attached recipe conversion tool for the course. I thought it was cool and could be very useful to the fleet. Especially since most units grab recipes from the internet, which doesn’t always include a recipe conversion tool. Could you please distribute to the fleet and upload to the CS Portal SharePoint page? Thank you!”

The JOD project was launched AUG 2022. JOD Analysis and Design phases were completed per aggressive schedule last OCT 2022. Development phase began NOV 2022.

After just ten weeks’ development, the JOD team launched one unit as a preliminary DevTest Phase 1 in DEC 2022. Unit deliverables included five lessons with twelve eLearning modules, five Job Aids, one video demonstration, one Performance Test Checklist, one scenario-based practice, one on-the-job practice, and one on-the-job performance assessment. Preliminary Results will be available early MAR 2023.

When completed later this year in DEC. 2023, the JOD C-School course design is projected to include approximately 21 TPOS, at least 26 Job Aids, at least 45 eLearning modules, 21 Video Demonstrations, 21 Performance Test Checklist, an FSO Assessor Guide and a Student Guide.

Notes on FSO-PVA or FSO-PI vs JOD Course:

• Content: Project team has discovered that, unlike the FSO-PVA or FSO-PI audience, newly appointed JODs typically have minimal-to-no prior exposure to complex CGDF workbooks, inventory management procedures and concepts, tools, terms, or even basic administration knowledge. Whereas the FSO-PI course tends to focus on the mechanics of tasks, the JOD course also needs to teach the underlying task concepts.

• Design: The entry-level nature of the JOD audience required adjusting FSO-PI TPOs for the JOD audience. Some FSO-PI TPOs were separated into two TPOs to breakdown learning into less complex skill sets for the novice JOD.

• Delivery: The on-the-job JOD design differs greatly from either FSO-PVA or FSO-PI, which have dedicated TRACEN instructors and a blended synchronous and asynchronous design. The JOD C-School course occurs on-the-job with self-directed learning modules and skills applied on-the-job at the learner’s worksite. An FSO provides evaluation for the JOD’s practice and assessment.”

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