ALCOAST 339/22
A. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual,
1.This ALCOAST solicits Culinary Specialists (CS) interested in
participating on the CGCT. The team will represent the Coast
Guard in the largest culinary competition in North America at the
Army Quartermaster School, Joint Culinary Center of Excellence, in
Fort Lee, Virginia. The team will participate in 20 days of
competition that will include advanced culinary training and provide
a unique opportunity for CSs to showcase individual talents and
ability to work as a team. 11 members and two alternates will be
2.All E-4 through E-9 CSs who meet the criteria in paragraph three
are eligible to apply for the CGCT.
3.To ensure the CGCT is reflective of the best CSs in the Coast
Guard, applicants must:
a. Have a passion for the culinary arts.
b. Have a genuine desire to perform challenging culinary
techniques in a competitive setting.
c. Be eager to receive advanced culinary education.
d. Be self-motivated and work well in a team environment.
e. Be able to communicate effectively.
f. Present an outstanding military appearance and be in
compliance with REF (A).
g. Model the Coast Guard’s core values.
h. Be available to compete from 18 FEB 2023 thru 10 MAR 2023.
4.Eligible members who meet the above criteria must submit an
application for the 2023 CGCT via their chain of command for one or
more of the following positions: team manager (one position), team
captain (one position), team members (four positions), apprentices
(five E4 members). Applicants must list the specific position(s) for
which they are applying and need to include:
a. A memo (not to exceed one page) specifically addressing why
the member desires to be selected for the CGCT.
b. A command endorsement specifically addressing the items in
paragraph three with an emphasis on performance, professionalism,
communication, interpersonal skills, and leadership.
c. Two digital full-length photos in tropical blue long uniform,
uncovered, one front view and one side view.
5.Apprentice applicants must have less than two years in rating,
not to include “A” school, prior to 01 JUN 2023. All other positions
do not have time in rating or rank requirements.
6.Send CGCT applications to: no later than
04 NOV 2022. A selection board will convene to review all
applications. Selected members and commands will be notified by the
Culinary Services Division (CG-1113).
7.Funding for CGCT members will be provided by COMDT (CG-11).
8.POCs for the CGCT are Mr. Chad Adams, (202) 475-5149, and CSCS Edward Fuchs, (202) 475-5145,
9.RADM Dana L. Thomas, Director of Health, Safety, and Work-Life
(CG-11), sends.
10.Internet release is authorized.

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