The 2022 “Better Than Force Notes” Video Series

These videos were created by your CS Senior Leadership to communicate with you in a better way than just our Force Notes (Force Notes are coming soon as well). Stand by, more videos from RFMC, SPL, AOs, CG-1113, A/C School, RKM, TRACEN Command, SCA Program, Mr. Chad Adams, and FINCEN will be posted soon.

Round Table Intro:
Video 1 – RKM Update:
Video 2 – AO Update:
Video 3 – CG-1113:
Video 4 – Mr. Chad Adams:
Video 5 – SPL:
Video 6 – FINCEN:
Video 7 – CS “A”/“C” School:
Video 8 – SCA Program:
Video 9 – RFMC:

What a week for the CS Rating! Last Week in Northern California we had four important CS events going on at once:

  • The E6 and below Culinary Specialist Symposium (Base Alameda/Sec San Fran)
  • E7 and Above – CS Leadership Conference (Base Alameda/TRACEN/Sector San Fran)
  • E7 and Above – Culinary Leadership Round Table (TRACEN and Live on Teams)
  • E9 and RTAC Panel and CSA Alameda Tour and Brief (Base Alameda)

All events had a huge turnout and there was an unprecedented amount of cooking, networking and CS Rating problem solving achieved. Every single CS Senior Leadership component was present in person, SPL, AOs, CG-1113, A/C School, RKM, RFMC, SCA Program, FINCEN and Master Chief Reed (he might as well be his own CS Leadership Component). We had junior CS’s travel from Hawaii to Los Angeles for the E6 and Below CS Symposium. Every Captain in Northern California showed up along with the 3 Star Pac Area Commander.  Important initiatives were being signed (ex: Lateral Entry-Banding Billets) and announced (ex: SDP) at the same time the CS Senior Leaders were speaking about them during the conference.  It felt like change that greatly impacts the rating was happening “real time” right in front of us.

The week ended up including:

– Senior Leadership Introductions and meet and greet with E6 and Below CS Symposium attendees,
– Senior Leadership (“Better than Force Notes” Social Media Video Shoot) 15 minute Video Updates for the CS Fleet from RFMC, SPL, AOs, CG-1113, A/C School, RKM, SCA Program, FINCEN
– Four Course Fine Dining Diner at Sector San Fran for Northern California Captains and PAC Area Commander Spouse prepared by culinary Symposium attendees and Guest Coast Guard Senior Chefs.
– Live CS Senior Leadership Question and Answer Forum
– Grand BBQ Buffet prepared by culinary Symposium attendees and Guest Coast Guard Senior Chefs.
– CS Senior Leadership TRACEN Tour and Lunch with the CS A School Students
– RTAC Meeting and CSA Alameda Brief, Galley Tour and Timeline/Implementation Brain Storming Session.
– Culinary Completion with all Culinary Symposium attendees and Guest Coast Guard Senior Chefs Judges.
– Debrief with Pac Area Commander
– CS’s worked alongside Guest Chefs: CSCM James Swenson (RKM), CSCS Jason Rohrs (SCA Program Manager), CSCS Scott Jeffries (DHS EDF Executive Chef), CSCS Ed Fuchs (ACF Executive Chef and former TRACEN /Advanced Culinary School Instructor), CSC Eric Toler and CSC Hunter Thompson (Culinary Services Division)

The whole week was put together from a conversation between CS1 Kendra Garza and Master Chief Justin Reed. She asked if he can help her put on a Pac Area Symposium for the local cooks. They figured it out and let everyone know the Culinary Symposium was a go. Shortly after the CSs Chiefs Mess started to get creative to make this into a week to remember! Special thanks to CSCS Sean Richmond/Base Alameda – CSC Patrick Stockbridge/Sector San Fran and the TRACEN Petaluma Instructors for hosting these events in your galleys and providing logistic support! This is impossible without local FSO/CS Chief support.

What a great example of the CS Chiefs community listening to junior members and creating something that benefits the rating as a whole for years to come.

Next up “Better Than Force Notes” Video Presentations:

Video 1 – CS Rating Knowledge Manager (RKM):
CSCM James Swenson

•             CS Senior Leadership Round Table Introduction
•             CS Career Growth Point Requirements
•             SDP role in Career Path Management
•             New Competencies CS-17 and CS-18
•             GMT for Cooks – Sanitation, Dietary Restrictions and Nutrition
•             Social Media
•             RKM Updates

Video 2 – Assignment Officers:
CWO Nicholas Wernicke
CSCM (Select) Nicholas Wright

•             Recruiting Successes and Opportunities
•             Lateral Accessions
•             Banded billets E7 &E8 Down the road E5 to E6 if   beta test works well
•             Creation of E9 positions to get the rating closer to 1%
•             Assignment Officer Updates

Video 3 – Culinary Services Division (CG-1113):
CSCS Ed Fuchs
CSC Eric Toler

•             Live Time CS Financial System
•             Noble/Noss and Military Sea Lift Command New FSO Insignias
•             Rednour Awards Update (New Categories)
•             Advanced Culinary School Fort Lee and NRA Advanced Culinary Opportunities
•             New Culinary Operations Manual Progress
•             CG-1113 Intro and Update
•             Eagle RP timeline

Video 4 – Culinary Services Divison Chief
Mr. Chad Adams

•             Culinary Services Divison Chief Intro and Update

Video 5 – Subsistence Product Line (SPL):
MR. Lewis Winston
Mr. Jason Bush
CSCM Alex Rivers

•             CSA Alameda Timelines
•             TDY Support Updates
•             Food Service Support Branch Timelines and Responsibilities
•             DLA – Updates
•             Subsistence Product Line Updates

Video 6 – Finance Center Liaisons (FINCEN):
CSC Hunter Robinson

•             FSMS & PRESS and its impact on the CS Rating
•             FINCEN Updates

Video 7 – CS “A” SCHOOL:
CSCM Kevin Ball

•             CS A School Training Programs
•             Agile A school
•             A School Updates

CSCS Stephen Lyons

•             New C Schools FSO-PI & FSO-PVA
•             C School Updates

Video 8 – TRACEN Command Welcome Remarks:
•             Welcome Remarks

CSCS Jason Rohrs

•             Culinary Team Successes and Future
•             SCA Program Updates

Video 9 – CS Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC):
CSCM Katrina Goguen

•             New Bonuses
•             New A School Wait List Interim CS Program
•             Advanced Education Selection Process
•             WPT & SRB’s Request
•             RFMC Updates

Calling all East Coast Culinary Specialists!

We are doing it again!

October 24th – 28th – We are holding the Culinary Support and Training event hosted by Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center at Base Elizabeth City NC. For more information (or Barracks Rooms) Contact CWO3 Kevin Saiyasak at (252) 335-6490 or

– Lead Instructors: Executive Chef CSCM Justin Reed and CSCS Ed Fuchs

– Guest Chefs training/working alongside include CSCM James Swenson (RKM), CSCS Jason Rohrs (SCA Program Manager), CSCS Scott Jeffries (DHS Executive Chef) and the one and only Mr. Chad Adams.

– Senior Leadership Meet and Greet with – Culinary Services Division (CSC Eric Toler), AOs, Product Line, FINCEN (CSC Hunter Robinson), and more!


Before you attend the Culinary Event, please watch the “Better Than Force Notes” Video Series and read the notes or watch the AO Road Show  and review the following list of top agenda items.

If you have questions (especially about the topics listed below) to submit for the Senior Leadership Presenters, please send them to us and we will make sure your questions are answered during the presentations. For follow-up, we will be providing a link to the recorded video of the conference.

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