ALCGENL 164/22
B.Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
C.Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
1.In accordance with Refs A and B, the CM Advanced Education Panel convened
30 August 2022.  The following member is selected for advanced training:
   a. Primary:                                                                      
                Name:                                                                  Unit:
                CS1 Nicholas J. Anderson                              CGC CLARENCE SUTPHIN    
   b. Alternate list (order of selection):
                Name:                                                                  Unit:
                CS1 Kendra D. Garza                                       PACAREA
                CS1 Robert G. Coontz                                     CGD SEVEN
                CS1 Jessica L. Dwyer                                      BASE LALB
                CS1 Ashley N. Heshelman                             TRACEN PETALUMA
                CS1 Joshua J. Peters                                       CG STA GRAND HAVEN
                CS1 Zachary D. Hassilev                 CGD SEVENTEEN
                CS1 Thomas S. Mildrum                                 CGC KATMAI BAY
                CS1 Michael L. Grubbs                                   CGC WINSLOW GRIESSER
                CS1 Ann C. Smith                                              CGC DAUNTLESS
                CS2 Shaylie J. Schiefer                                    SECTOR NEW YORK
                CS1 Luis G. Baez                                               CGC JOSEPH GERCZAK
2.The number of candidates successfully screened by the Panel for CM was 12.
3.Members are reminded that, in order to remain eligible for this advanced
training opportunity they must be in compliance with Ref C prior to and
during the entire period of the training.
4.The actual date of assignment to the training program will be coordinated
between the member, Program Manager, and applicable Assignment Officer
during the AY23 assignment season.  The primary candidate selected will receive
a program acceptance memo within two weeks from the date of this message.
5.Members who attend a fully funded advanced education program will incur a
minimum active duty obligation of three months for each month of education for the first year and one month for each month thereafter.  Obligated service begins upon completion of advanced training.
6.Members may contact CSCM Katrina R. Goguen at (202) 475-5150
to receive career counseling on how to make themselves competitive for
future Panels.
7.Panel membership:
Name:                                                                                  Unit:
CDR Stephen W. Brickey (President)                        CGC HOLLYHOCK
CWO2 Christie L. Herms                                                CG BASE NCR
CWO2 Lauren L. Jorgensen                                          CG-092
CWO2 Nicholas J. Wernicke                                         CG PSC-EPM-2
MCPO Ryan M. Leverenz                                                              CGD FIVE
8.CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
9.Internet release authorized.

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