Message from Our AOs! Check Your Email

From our Detailers:

Good morning CS’s!

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week. I hope everyone is having a great week.

Master Chief Wright and I are 15 days away from hosting the CS Virtual Roadshow. It will take place at 1300 on June 1st via teams, so please spread the word and if you have any questions, please feel free to pre-load them over to Master Chief and I so we can address them during the roadshow!

There has been a couple of messages released this week for critical fills (see attached documents), including 2 Advance to Position (A2P) assignments. The list of positions that are currently being shopped for A2P are available here: CS A2P Available Positions.xlsx. These are the only 2 positions that are A2P currently. The other solicitations attached are normal critical fill solicitations. There have been questions regarding eligibility to apply for the A2P assignments, so to clarify them, here is the policy directly from ALCGENL 10/23- “Multiple members applying for the same A2P position will be stratified IAW their placement on the Advancement Eligibility List. Members eligible for an A2P position who do not apply or do not earn a position will remain on the Advancement Eligibility List and may apply for future vacancies advertised under A2P. Members applying for but not earning assignments advertised under A2P will be notified via e-mail from their AO. If the Advancement Eligibility List is completely exhausted, or if no candidates apply for positions advertised under A2P, CG PSC-EPM will release an ALCGENL expanding the potential candidate pool to include members not on the 2022 Advancement Eligibility List but who remain eligible to advance to the next higher paygrade. Eligible members are those who are marked “Recommended” and “Ready” on their most recent Enlisted Employee Review and meet all Time in Grade and Time in Service requirements for advancement by 01 December 2023”.

As a reminder, Career Counseling is in full swing. Master Chief Wright and I are looking forward to talking with each and everyone of you to discuss your future assignments, current policies and initiatives that are ongoing, or anything that you want to discuss.

Thank you all for everything you are doing and continuing to do to support each other and your shipmates.

Very Respectfully,
CWO2 Nicholas Wernicke
Culinary Specialist Assignment Officer
CSs E6 and Above, PATFORSWA, SCA
Phone: (202) 795-6570
Work Cell: (202) 841-1106

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