Email From CSC Toler: New Load Guide Assist Tool

I really wish I had something like this calculator Chief Toler created when I was FSO. Please take a look at this amazing load-out calculator. Chief Toler is a master at these excel spreadsheets. Between his new inventory workbook and this load guide tool, I would have saved countless hours/days of back in the day.

I know this doesn’t fix our broken paperwork system and we are still fighting for “Galley”. The good news is due to your bravery and input at the deck plate, a new paperwork system is moving forward. To see your feedback in action please read

This calculator is a great tool to help assist FSOs during load outs. I believe proper load-outs of our cutters is the most important job of an FSO. Over time the use of this tool with make loading out less difficult and more accurate.

Thanks again for all your hard work in the fleet, especially during these trying times. Your passion has a huge impact on the lives of our shipmates.

THe Email:

Master Chief,

Attached is a tool for FSOs and JODs to aid in the development of load guides. The intent of this tool is to determine the necessary amount of protein needed for a patrol based on Unit Type, Crew Size, and Number of days Underway (the CS version of “Safe to Sail”).  Additionally, this tool helps JODs estimate breakout amounts of protein for each meal. This tool has been shared with the Product Line and (future) Culinary Service Branch to be used for pre-deployment counseling.

If there are any questions or ideas for improvement, please contact me ( ) or email


CSC Eric R. Toler

(CG-1113) Culinary Services Division

Subsistence Financial Specialist


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