December BDFA Message from Chief Toler (Check your Email)

Good Day CSs,

Linked here is the BDFA message for DECEMBER 2022. Also, check your email for the Requisitions for Purchase Cards and DLA.

You will see in the BDFA message, the Requisition Numbers and Purchase Order (PO) Numbers are included. There will be used for the receipting, verifying, and approving your purchases in FSMS.

December 2022 Purchase Card: $3.4M

PR#       70098PR230000427

Obligation #       70Z02323MO0000124

December 2022 DLA/MILSBILLS: $500k

PR# 70098PR230000428

Obligation # Z7009833250001

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to CG-1113, FINCEN, or SPL for assistance.


CSC Eric R. Toler

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