October Email Message from our AOs (Check your CG email)!

Good Morning Shipmates and Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone is having a great week and getting ready for Thursday Night Football!

We are already 2 weeks into AY23 E-resume season. Please take your time when filling out your E-resume. Make sure if you are in the Special Needs Program, you have any assignments you are applying for pre-vetted by the FRS as Senior Chief Wright and myself must validate them prior to the issuance of orders. If you are a COLO, please ensure you put in member comments with their AO name and contact information. There is a sea time requirement for advancement E5, E6 and E7, make sure that if you do not currently have enough sea time to advance you are putting cutters down on your list. If you are on a cutter and looking to extend, please reach out to Senior Chief Wright and myself to discuss!

ALCGENL 186-22 was released soliciting for CS3’s for PATFORSWA. Priority 4, 5, and 6 CS3’s and CS2’s please consider this opportunity. It is a great way to knock out 1 year of sea time, with a ton of added benefits, and to EARN that priority 1 position.

ALCGENL 196-22 CS Billet Banding Beta Test for AY23 was released! For my E7 and E8 members, this means you are now competing for the same positions, regardless of rank. This also means that members above the cut for E8, do not advance out of their positions. With that, all my E7 and E8 candidates that are rotating this assignment year, put down at least 15 positions on your E-resume! E7’s who are above the cut for E8 on the May 2022 SWE but who are not tour complete, I will be reaching out this week to do some career counseling.   

Attached is the most up to date AY23 Timeline and requirements. Please review this prior to submitting e-resumes. Remember you can only submit an e-resume once a day.

If you have any questions, please reach out!

Thank you all for everything you do! Have a great week!

Very Respectfully,

CWO2 Nicholas Wernicke

Culinary Specialist Assignment Officer

CSs E6 and Above, PATFORSWA, SCA

Phone: (202) 795-6570

Work Cell: (202) 841-1106

E-Mail: Nicholas.J.Wernicke@uscg.mil

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