Calling all Culinary Specialists E7 and Above. TRACEN Tuesday – September 27th at 0730 PST! In-person or on Teams. The CS Senior Leadership Round Table.

Remote? Click here for the Link the the Teams Live Event (Workstation Only).

The Culinary Specialist Senior Leadership Conference (CSSLC) will include an E7 and above CS Senior Leadership Round Table. Almost all Senior Leadership components are sending a representative (or three) to the Senior Leadership Conference. This is incredible news! What this means is the Senior Leadership Round Table presenters will be live and in-person at TRACEN Petaluma on Tuesday the 27th of September from 0730 – 1200. So far, in person presenters include RFMC, SPL, AOs, CG-1113, A-School, C-School, RKM, SCA Program and FINCEN. If you are an E7 and above in Northern California please join us in person for this unprecedented (post-COVID) event. We will be capitalizing on our visit at TRACEN to include Lunch with the students and an RTAC TRACEN CS Training Space tour.

If you can’t make it in person we will follow the success and format of Mr. Wernicke and SCSC Wright’s Assignment Officer Road Show and offer a video feed live over teams.  In-person would be ideal but this will allow everyone to participate if travel options are unavailable. As with the AO Road Show, we will record the event and provide a video link to all CSs after the conference.

If you (all ranks E-1 – O-10) have Questions to ask Senior Leadership (especially on the topics below) please enter your question at the bottom of this page in the leave a comment block. We will address these questions and provide all CSs with the response (thank you!).

TRACEN Tuesday Schedule:

Starting Location: JNB Room 224
• 0730 – 0745 (15 Min) Welcome Intro/Rating Knowledge Manager
• 0745 – 0810 (25 Min) CS Assignment Officers

• 0810 – 0820 (10 Min) Break
• 0820 – 0845 (25 Min) Culinary Services Division
• 0845 – 0910 (25 Min) Subsistence Product Line
• 0910 – 0925 (15 Min) FINCEN

• 0925 – 0930 (5 Min) Break
• 0930 – 0945 (15 Min) TRACEN Petaluma Command Welcome Remarks
• 0945 – 1000 (15 Min) SCA Program Manger
• 1000 – 1015 (15 Min) A-School/C-School
• 1015 – 1045 (30 Min) Rating Force Master Chief

• 1045 – 1055 (10 Min) Break
• 1055 – 1145 (50 Min) Q&A with all presenters

• 1145 – 1300 (Non TRACEN E7 and above) Lunch with the A-School Students Location: Galley
END for E7 and Above

• 1300 – 1500 (RTAC only) CS A-School Tour – Staring Location: Galley
• 1530 – 1600 Upper Galley/Bake Shop/Nutrition

Senior Leadership Topics

Assignment Officers:
CWO Nicholas Wernicke
CSCM (Select) Nicholas Wright

  • Recruiting Successes and Opportunities
  • Lateral Accessions
  • Banded billets E7 &E8 Down the road E5 to E6 if beta test works well
  • Creation of E9 positions to get the rating closer to 1%
  • Assignment Officer Updates

Culinary Services Division (CG-1113):
MR. Chad Adams
CSCS Ed Fuchs
CSC Eric Toler

  • Live Time CS Financial System
  • Noble/Noss and Military Sea Lift Command New FSO Insignias
  • Rednour Awards Update (New Categories)
  • Advanced Culinary School Fort Lee and NRA Advanced Culinary Opportunities
  • New Culinary Operations Manual Progress
  • CG-1113 Intro and Update
  • Eagle RP timeline

Subsistence Product Line (SPL):
MR. Lewis Winston
Mr. Jason Bush
CSCM Alex Rivers

  • CSA Alameda Timelines
  • TDY Support Updates
  • Food Service Support Branch Timelines and Responsibilities
  • DLA – Updates
  • Subsistence Product Line Updates

CSCS Stephen Lyons

  • New C Schools FSO-PI & FSO-PVA
  • C School Updates

CS Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC):
CSCM Katrina Goguen

  • New Bonuses
  • New A School Wait Interim CS Program
  • Advanced Education Selection ProcessWPT & SRB’s Request
  • RFMC Updates

CSCM Kevin Ball

  • CS A School Training Programs
  • Agile A school
  • A School Updates

CS Rating Knowledge Manager (RKM):
CSCM James Swenson

  • CS Career Growth Point Requirements
  • SDP role in Career Path Management
  • New Competencies CS-17 and CS-18
  • GMT – Sanitation, Nutrition and Dietary Restrictions
  • Social Media
  • RKM Updates


CSCS Jason Rohrs

  • Culinary Team Successes and Future
  • SCA Program Updates

Finance Center Liaisons (FINCEN):

CSC Hunter Robinson

  • FSMS & PRESS and its impact on the CS RatingFINCEN Update


With the Culinary Specialists Rating at the forefront of several initiatives on the Commandants 100 day plan (plus all the EXTRA that comes along with being on each of these workgroups), massive CS recruiting efforts and de-stroying the Nations Civilian Chefs in Culinary Competitions (not to mention how short the rating is right now) we have decided to do more!

***September 26th – 29th TRACEN Petaluma/Alameda – CS Leadership Conference (E7 and Above) –
– Monday (Base Alameda): Senior Leadership Introductions and meet and greet with CS Symposium attendees

– Tuesday (TRACEN Petaluma): Senior Leadership Conference at TRACEN Petaluma

– Wednesday (Alameda) : RTAC Meeting and CSA Alameda Brief, Galley Tour and Timeline/Implementation Brain Storming Session (RTAC Members only) and Event Prep Support.

– Thursday: (Sector San Fran) Possible Recruiting Event, CS Symposium BBQ Lunch Support and Debrief

We hope to see you there!

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