Great message from CS1 Christian Wiscovitch on our FaceBook Group

“My first tour as an IDFSO has come to an end. It was a tough two years not gonna lie lol but I can say that all the tough times were made a lot easier by all of you in here (USCG Culinary Specialist hints, tips, and questions FaceBook Group) answering my questions or posting stuff that I needed. 

I really wanted to say thank you to FINCEN, product line, CSA Yorktown chiefs mess and Aaron James Reyes to name a few. There’s a lot more CS’ to tag lol. I reported here never being an FSO or doing any PVA stuff. They all took their time to talk over paperwork with me and even came to my unit to walk me through stuff in person. To me that meant the world and helped me be as successful as I was here the last two years.  I really appreciate this CS community and even though I may cry and moan sometimes lol I really do love my job and what I do as a cook in the CG. 

I’ll be heading to D5 as the Admirals Aide and I’m excited for new challenges. Thanks again to Aaron Reyes for helping me prepare for this job and securing it. You’ve been the best mentor/friend I could ever ask for in this journey.

Thank you all for being amazing and keep doing great things. I also realize that most of you don’t know me lol but this was just a post to highlight how great our rate can be. Always reach out on here and network and push yourselves.”

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