ALCOAST 137/22
A. Coast Guard Food Service Manual, COMDTINST M4061.5A
B. CGDF Administration Management, CGTTP 04-11.17
1.This ALCOAST announces an update to financial reporting and
reimbursement processes within Coast Guard Dining Facility (CGDF)
operations, the following policy changes will become effective 01
MAY 2022. Updated memorandum templates and job aids are available
on the CS Portal Page:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
a.For Extraordinary Operating Conditions (EOC) Procedures,
units will submit an EOC request to COMDT (CG-1113) by memorandum,
through Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLATS). Units must
include an updated Food Basket Survey provided by DLATS and copies
of supporting receipts/invoices with applicable items highlighted
with the request memorandum. Updated job aid will be available in
REF (B).
b.For CGDF Reports of Survey, units will submit to COMDT
(CG-1113) for approval. Submission of CGDF Reports of Survey will
include Form CG-5269, a list of all surveyed items on Form CG-2581,
and a memorandum request from the Commanding Officer/Officer-in-
Charge for funds allocation. Updated job aid will be available in
REF (B).
c.Shipping/freight charges incurred for subsistence purchases
will be billed separately. Units will submit copies of shipping/
freight invoices to COMDT (CG-1113) and will receive an approval
memorandum with instructions for disposition. Document the number
and amount in Block G and Block K of the CG Dining Facility
Operating Statement (CGDFOS). Units must ensure all supporting
documentation for shipping/freight receipts are included with the
submission of the CGDFOS to FINCEN. Updated job aid will be
available in REF (B).
d.For compensation for Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations
(AMIO)/Destitute persons, units will submit a Requisition in
Financial Systems Modernization Solution (FSMS). Area cutters will
create an Obligation (PO number) using MILSBILLS PREPARER role in
FSMS. Non area cutters will send requisitions to their designated
Regional Support Team (RST). Updated job aid will be available in
REF (B).
e.For dining facilities permanently disestablishing, entering
midlife or Recurring Depot Availability Program (RDAP), contact the
FINCEN Liaisons and Subsistence Product Line (SPL) for assistance
( &
f.The CGDF monthly file will contain all applicable financial
documents for each month’s transactions. Cover sheets listing
applicable documentation (left and right side) and order of
precedence will be used for each side of the CGDF monthly file.
Updated job aid will be available in REF (B).
g.Financial documents no longer required in the CGDF monthly
(1) Left Side:
i. FINCEN serialized memos acknowledging deposits
ii. Approved Not-To-Exceed Procurement Request,
DOT F-4200.1.
(2) Right Side:
i. Flight or Special Meal Request, Form CG-4218.
h.Additional financial documents required in the CGDF monthly
(1) Left Side:
i. payment receipts.
ii. OTCnet Voucher Deposits.
iii. Credit Card Terminal Settlement Receipts.
iv. FINCEN Cash Transmittal Receiving Receipt.
v. Reimbursable Issues, DD Form 1149, MIPR Form 448/
448-2,GT&C Form 7600.
vi. Approved DHS Procurement Request for Purchase Card
i.The Perpetual Inventory System Workbook (PISW) and the
Purchases vs. Allowances Inventory System Workbook (PVAISW) have
been updated to REV 22-01. As of 01 June 2022, the CG Finance Center
will no longer accept previous versions of the PISW or PVAISW and
they will be rejected. These changes will be included in the next
revision of REF (A). The following changes include:
(1) Block B, Line 27 Maximum Accumulated Allowance now
allows for the selection of 10%, 30%, or 50%. All ashore dining
facilities may carry-over a maximum of 10% Accumulated Allowance.
Afloat dining facilities may carry-over a maximum of 30% Accumulated
Allowance. WLBs, WLBB, WMECs, OPCs, WMSLs, WAGBs, and WIX may
carry-over a maximum of 50% Accumulated Allowance. The 10% deficit
rule still applies to all units.
(2) Block G has been updated with constraints to allow for
only compliant reference numbers. Compliant reference numbers will
be either the reference number found on the Credit Card History
Report (CCHR), the DLA reference number found on the Sent Receipt
Report (SRR), or a “UN” (unknown) number. Create a “UN” number if a
reference number has not populated on the CCHR prior to the
submission of Guard Dining Facility Operating Statement (CGDFOS) to
(3) Operational General Accounting Division (OGD)
acknowledgement receipts no longer exist. For payments, use
the tracking number on the payment receipt. For Credit Card
and OTCnet transactions, use the voucher number. For cash and check
transmittals, use the voucher number provided by FINCEN.
(4) Block “D” Line “34” has been updated for input of
j.Update to the Inventory Management Workbook Perpetual (IMWP)
(Rev. 22-01.a) is now authorized for use. A copy is available on the
CS Portal Page. Contact the SPL for assistance in transferring your
inventory (
k. All dining facilities will submit a digital copy of the
CGDFOS and supporting documents, when applicable, to FINCEN. Updated
job aid will be available in REF (B). The supporting documents
include the following:
(1) Reimbursable Issues and Sales of Stores
(2) CG-2581, Transfer of Stores
(3) CG-2581, Sales of Stores
(4) Credit Card History Report (CCHR)
(5) Sent Receipt Report (SRR)
(6) Requisition and Invoice/ Shipping Documents (DD-1149)
(7) Copies of transmittal letter(s) to support Cash in Transit
(8) ICA Data Page
(9) Supporting Memorandums (FSO Relief Memo, Report of Surveys,
Excess Deficits, etc.).
2.POC: COMDT (CG-1113); Mr. Chad A. Adams at (202) 475-5149,
3.RADM Dana L. Thomas, Director of Health, Safety and Work-life
(CG-11), sends.
4.Internet release is authorized.

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