Email To Program From a CS Senior Leader

We recived a great email from a Senior CS Leader and wanted to utilize the questions asked to provide an FSMS/Rating update to the page:

“Hope all is well.  I am emailing you to see if there is any progress on the new Foodservice Manual? We have a lot of new systems and changes that do not align with the old manual.  Also, the Perpetual Workbook does not reflect with the new changes with FSMS.  We no longer have document # for purchases and no OGD for tracking.  I am aware of what to do but do junior members know? Where do they reference this information?  We are testing and teaching members outdated information, that no longer exist.  Putting things on Facebook is cool but not solving the issue. Not all members are on social media. I am not complaining, just frustrated. I feel we focus more on the cooking aspect than the operator side.  What do FSO’s on Cutters do about AMIO or Detainees?  I ran into this problem and had to eat the cost, because there was no guidance.  I knew what to do but still didn’t align with the new system. With no SFR, how does the CC holder verify his or her history?  BLOCK G needs updates on how to access DOC# from FSMS system.  I know I am preaching to the choir but if I am bringing this up imagine what a junior is thinking.  They will not speak up.  This is where we lose retention in our rate.  We basically have to change our whole curriculum for C School IDFSO and Perpetual. I am speaking from an Operator Standpoint and Leadership,”

Answer in next post.

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